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Indian Student From Liberal College BUSTED Drawing Swastikas andKKK Symbols on Buildings

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 BY  DECEMBER 21, 2016
Hmm. Bet the media thought the culprit was a white, male Trump supporter.
Wrong again.
Turns out police say, Jasskirat Saini, a 20-year-old student, scrawled “Nazi and KK graffiti” inside the college’s G building along with several other acts of vandalism.
This type of racist graffiti has been centered around liberal strongholds such as college campuses.
It makes us question who is really committing these crimes.
This appears to be another false flag event to cast a shadow of hate over Trump supporters.
A student who police say drew swastikas inside a Nassau Community College bathroom has been arraigned.
Jasskirta Saini, 20, of Plainview, was arraigned on 12 counts of aggravated harassment.
According to prosecutors, the messages of hate included swastikas, Germany, KKK and the word Hitler.
Officials say Saini scrawled the graffiti in the college’s G building on Friday, Dec. 17 and several other acts of vandalism — including two fresh incidents on Tuesday and some dating back to October.
Police say Saini did it because he felt he was being harassed by the Jewish community in his hometown of Plainview.
They also say he used black and blue magic markers to draw swastikas and anti-Semitic comments on walls and handrails. It’s the sixth similar incident on campus over the last three months.
Acting Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter says surveillance video from the campus helped detectives track down Saini.
“We are deeply saddened that the alleged perpetrator is a student,” NCC President W. Hubert Keen told News 12 in a statement. “We will use this unfortunate series of events as an object lesson for our students, faculty and staff.”
Saini was held on $60,000 bail.
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