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Look Who’s Really Behind the Mainstream Media

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Thursday, December 22, 2016 


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Source: (Before It’s News)
THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today
It is who you think it is,
but the back story is a
LOT more complicated
By Anonymous Patriots
The Millennium Report Exclusive
Long before the globalists and warlord bankers started pushing their “fake news” meme onto the truth movement via alternative media and citizen journalism, they used a marketing technique called yellow journalism to push their agenda for continual wars and conflicts around the world for at least one hundred years.
WAR is literally the business of warlord bankers and globalists. This is how they have grown their enormous wealth. Like any business with a product that customers might not purchase willingly, they needed a marketing plan that would create a desire for their product and services and keep their government customers buying more of what they had to offer. The birth of the modern war marketing plan was born by two newspaper moguls– Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst—in a form of propaganda called yellow journalism.
This form of journalism was nothing more than a public relations ploy to succor the world’s citizenry into buying into the biggest business on the planet—war. And unless we wake up to see how we are being brainwashed to support their war business model, we will face endless conflicts. Endless killing. Endless government spending on war products and services such as tanks, guns, soldiers, bombers, intelligence, communications and news networks, terrorism and anything that creates fear, doubt, hatred, and division in humanity. Endless byproducts of war, which the globalists have also monetized: refugees, human and sex trafficking, child molestation, and seizure of assets and resources of victim countries.
The globalist, warlord banker, and Zionist-controlled media is the marketing and advertising arm of the global war business.  The newly-emerged, yet powerful, citizen journalism movement threatens their business model and they must shut down alt media post haste. Hence, the “fake news” meme as a vehicle to silence us.
In another highly informative and deeply researched article by the Anonymous Patriots, we will show you the dirty secrets of yellow journalism so that you are fully prepared and armed with truth to take down their “fake news” meme. Just like we are blasting the internet with the truth about pedophilia and human trafficking through our PizzaGate articles and posts, we can also expose their fake news allegations by calling them out as yellow “cowardly” journalists. This article may be too lengthy for the casual reader, but for those of you who are first tier alt media disseminators, we ask you to read our research and create your own articles and videos to educate your viewers, readers, and circle of influence about yellow journalism. Let’s jam the internet “airwaves” with another powerful meme, just as we did with PizzaGate.
Key Point: Let’s start calling out corrupt media for what it really is–  YELLOW JOURNALISM.

Towards the end of the article, just before the Addendum, we provide you with a “test” to see if the media you read and view is a truth site or a vehicle for the globalist-warlord banker-Zionist to brainwash you into supporting their war agenda. So if you aren’t interested in the nitty gritty research, then at least scan our headlines and take the media test at the end of the article.
Where Does News Come From?

We have all heard the “conspiracy theories” that the entire U. S. media is owned by six companies and those companies are owned by the Rothschild family; however, this is not completely true as we will show you. This “fake news” is actually partially correct, which is the way that yellow journalism delivers propaganda – full of half-truths and sensationalism with bloody red headlines that are eye-catching, but not backed by honest investigative research.
It is also said that there are only two news agencies that have a monopoly on U. S. news.  This is basically true.  The Associated Press and Reuters provide 95% of national and international news to the six major U. S. news agencies, which we call the “Media Cartel.” The Rothschilds used to own Reuters and now owns major holdings in the news networks that comprise the collective that share in the ownership of the Associated Press. 
We may have also heard that the media cartel (all six major media corporations) are only allowed to “read aloud” the scrubbed-clean news provided by the A. P. and Reuters. This is true, but with one additional truth. All news first goes through the National Security Agency for screening and approval. The NSA wipes clean any news that might “potentially” effect “National Security,” including any policies of the administration. Did you know that Reuters, the AP, and the FCC/NSA New York City offices all share the same fiber optic hub that goes through the NSA’s PRISM screening before Reuters and the AP are “allowed” to see the news?
Before the network talking heads are permitted to read the news or newspapers and websites post or hyperlink their headlines, the information is first scrubbed by the media cartel owners– whether a Rothschild or major shareholders.
Key Point: Authentic citizen journalism isn’t scrubbed by PRISM before dissemination. Translation: if news, opinion, or articles, or videos haven’t been scrubbed by PRISM first, it is considered “fake.”

Those Rothschilds Again!

We are sure it will come as no surprise that the Rothschilds have been manipulating news throughout history in order to achieve their agenda on war, markets, and politics.  
It all began with a network of carrier pigeons. The Rothchilds, who were located in five major European capitals, used carrier pigeons to deliver messages to one another about battlefield conditions. This information was then used to effect banking and marketing decisions, making the Rothchilds very wealthy because they were able to obtain good and timely intelligence. Plus, they were able to manipulate the “news” that was disseminated to the citizenry. It was the earliest form of scrubbing the news, which is nothing more than manipulation and propaganda. (More on the Rothschilds and Reuters is found at the end of this article in the Addendum.)

As it is said, “information is knowledge and knowledge is power.” The worldwide intelligence network is now as fast as your broadband speed. In order to keep their power, wealth, and influence, the globalists-warlord bankers must silence any news that is not gathered, scrubbed, and redistributed through their media cartel.
The Rothschilds were not the first to use intelligence networks and propaganda under the guise of “news” that actually brought aggressive commerce and trade wars to the East. The original bankers of Italy, who financed the crusades from Venice, used intelligence operatives and spies throughout the region to inform them about the status of their “war investments” so they might gain the upper hand. Those same Italian banking families later moved to Holland and Germany and continued to finance expeditions – this time to find spices and riches in the East – a new crusade of commercial asset stripping. The Spanish ruled the high seas until their armada was lost in the English Channel.  Then, Portuguese and Spanish traders (pirates) worked with the German banking families of Hamburg (Berenberg, Fugger, and Welser) to take over the spice trade routes.
In Holland, the East India Company incorporated and was government sanctioned to trade, steal, kill, rape and rule any country for profit. The British (British East India Company) soon joined in the imperialistic war-machines of these East India companies – the first “war corporations” were funded by warlord bankers. These East India “trading” corporations paid 18% on investment to their shareholders who were, for the most part, big bankers. These trading companies warred with each other for wealth and had navies and armies that were the largest of their time, much larger than any nation state.
Raping nations of their wealth became the biggest business on the earth and it continues to this day. Warlord bankers control public opinion and manufacture wars through their intelligence networks which they disguise as helpful public news agencies. Warlord bankers loan money to both sides and have major shareholdings in all of the corporations that provide military and government contracts. Destabilization always means more loans are needed to sustain defense of onslaught and to fund the aggressor. War creates fantastic debt, all owed to warlord bankers.
Additionally, a country’s assets are vulnerable to outright theft during war. Or often, when the losing side cannot collect its money that it turned over to the bank for “safe keeping,” it becomes the bank’s asset by default. Just try and find the gold of the Nazis, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Russians, the Spanish, and all of the other gold stolen as “spoils of war.”  Even today the Rothschilds and the media cartel continue to suppress the real intention of their false narratives, which is none other than to keep the war business thriving.

Fake News is Powered with Subliminal Narratives

“Fake news” and “false flag” events always accompany the saber rattling of war. Does the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” ring a bell?”  Or should we say, evoke a narrative network that was fed to Americans as “real news” laced with plenty of subliminal programming.
Effective fake news needs to have the characteristics of refined propaganda delivered along with subliminal programming and narratives, the modern tech version of yellow journalism. Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst would be proud of the media cartel and their ability to promote and even manufacture war, just as they did in 1989 to help start the Spanish/American War.
It is known as the Propaganda of the Spanish-American War, which made money for the press by increasing reader circulation and for the warlord bankers by increasing the popularity, hence the expenditures, of the war. Yellow journalism is noted for outrageous headlines, sex scandals, sensationalism, and consumer advertising, all of which are accompanied by the lies and exaggerations that support the globalist-warlord banker-Zionist agenda.  
Yellow journalism never went away; instead it became more sophisticated in its delivery. Here are the characteristics that will help you determine if the news source that you read or view is yellow journalism:
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