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Social Media Is The New Public Square.
Of all places, it should be open to free speech.
Unfortunately, The Internet Is No Longer A Bastion Of Free Speech.
Serious censorship went into effect earlier this month. Facebook* announced its platform will be censored by the likes of the Washington Post* (Eugene Meyer*, daughter Katherine Meyer Graham*), a Jew-ish newspaper, the sole remaining newspaper in our nation’s capitol. The MSM has been given a new, expanded role: control of Internet information and speech.

"Facebook’s plan to purge fake news relies on users, who flag stories they suspect of being bogus. Then, those stories are sent to third-party fact checkers, including Politifact, Factcheck, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, ABC News and Snopes. If ultimately deemed questionable, the story is labeled ‘disputed.’"

Free speech is being shredded under the guise of “hate speech”, “fake news”, “being hurtful”, or any other rationalization that can be sold to a gullible populace. Even “offense” becomes a crime, except of course, offenses against Americans, patriots, constitutionalists, Christians, whites in general, and white “male chauvinist pigs” in particular.
As is true for “mainstream media” (television, news, newspapers, magazines, books, Hollywood, Common Core education, etc.), most popular social media companies are Jew-ish: Google*, YouTube*, Facebook*, WhatsApp*, Microsoft*Yahoo*, Viber*, Apple*, etc. Their unified, coordinated, and increasing censorship reflects their shared ideology.
Senate Passes Anti-Semitism Bill
The attack on free speech is not limited to social media, however. Three weeks ago, the Senate voted against the First Amendment to make it a crime to discuss anything contrary to the official Jew-ish party line, the very assertions that most need open discussion and debate. Contrary to the misperception “anti-Semitiism” means racism, it is in fact defamatory, inflammatory,  and hate speech hurled by Jew-ish interests at those who threaten the carefully contrived but false Jew-ish narrative, often for simply telling the truth. In Germany and Canada, for example, truth is not even allowed as a defense. It is coming to America.
Who Is In Control?
As in all things Jew-ish, the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act passed with near unanimous consent, 99 out of 100 votes, similar to the unanimous standing ovations for Netanyahu's sermons to Congress on the revered, yet ruthless crimes against humanity waged against the Palestinians. There is no clearer insight into who has seized control of “our” federal government. Where, for example, is support for an Anti-Christian Awareness Act, as it is Christians, Christianity, and Christmas that have been, and continue to be persecuted by the Anti-Christ?

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Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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