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Blacks setting white farms on fire in the Capetown.

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I've been hearing all afternoon that whites have been seeing blacks setting white farms on fire in the Cape. There are high winds and the blacks have been running around setting farms on fire.

I'll put up some of the sound material I received earlier today later.

In the mean time here is a news report from the Citizen newspaper: http://citizen.co.za/news/news-national/1400755/listen-paarl-farmer-talks-saw-cape-fires-started-purpose/

Here is a short sound excerpt I got in Afrikaans:


It reads: Brandstigting in die kaap = Arson in the Care

I listened to part of it in Afrikaans. What the man is saying is that the helicopters that have been sent to the scene have reported that they were seeing the blacks setting everything on fire. 

I put up this video on my channel. This is a video I did last year where I discussed how whites had reported in prior years that they had seen blacks setting farms on fire. 


Well that is happening today. I'm not sure if 100 farms are under threat. 

These sorts of things should be viewed as MILITARY OPERATIONS. Nobody just does this without some preparation and planning. Who is behind it? Who is perpetrating it? Why is it being done now? 

This must be seen for what it is, an attack on whites by our enemies. Exactly which enemies hatched the plot I don't know but blacks are carrying it out. So whether Jews are egging blacks on, I can't say, But anything is possible. 

We've never seen anything so deliberate and large scale in years. Someone is stoking a conflict here. 


Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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