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CNN is Clinton News Network or now Communist News Network.

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Most of the rest of us stopped watching CNN during the presidential run because CNN twisted and lied over and over and over again becuase they were the Clinton News Network or now known as the Communist News Network. Their broadcast crew are the most despised among all journalists, however, we cannot really call anyone working for CNN a journalist, but rather a Soros or Clinton puppet.


The problem is with the Lying (Selective Memory on Facts, Distorting or Lying about Facts then reporting it as News, Forgetting History of Obama’s Cuban Migrant Policy Ban Conniving Media (CNN&MSNBC) in this country, They just want to Toy with, Manipulate people and Facts, I hate being Played with Deceptive practices or Selective memory on Facts this is why I wont watch CNN& MSNBC. 100% Totally Fake & Animated News. (Paid Anti-Trump Protesters & Crocodile Tears Schumer) President Trump is 100% Correct go on line search for whats going on in Germany and Europe.


Right on I could not agree with you more……..what is happening in this country is both wonderful for those of us who are true Americans and pro-Trump…enforcement of the law, what a blessing and breath of fresh air……compared to the leftist insane who are too embarrassed now to admit that Clinton was just a Soros puppet of lies and deceit and not to mention herself a criminal and crook as has been the agenda of the Clinton’s for years now ….just look at the body count they have left murdered to keep their “place” in Washington. Ugh! Enough. Thank god for a real President Trump. Yeah!!!

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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