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George Bush and his Nazi,Vatican , NWO got away with 1.6 trillion dollars

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I found some information that may interest people . First the towers were being remolded in certain places . next tge bombs were carried in and placed into place . Being it was under construction no one questioned what was in the boxes . Next there was a very wealthy banker ( world banker ) that had front row seats to watch the towers fall .

The owner was notified to take out more insurance to cover all cost of rebuilding the building should something go wrong . Videos from public cameras shooting the fire showed bombs going off just before the towers fell , just like demolition experts do when dropping sky scrapers .

When Bush was notified of the attack he made a statement that only someone informed or was apart of could have known . Because the information had not been given to him yet . That morning the pentagon truly lost 1.6 trillion dollars . Why because they were going to inform the authorities that it was missing . But the dropping of the towers was credited to Ben Laden living in a cave .

The planes were zoomed in on and proved to be planes with a special package under its belly . A pulse bomb was used to open tge metal before it because an aluminum plane could not ram a steel building and the nose come out tge other side and still be whole as videos showed then explode . The jet fuel was not hot enough to melt steel like it did . Heat rises ! But tge building began falling under the fire sources . 5 building fell that day not 2 . The others were the record keeping building for the trade center . Because those also were destroyed the 1.6 trillion dollars could not be proven as being stolen . At tge same time a missile videoed was moving across the ground to the pentagon . It seemed to be coming from the underground bunker I saw being built durning a trip to Washinton Captial . The missile opened up a hole in tge Pentagon . But according to viewers no plane parts like wings or fuelsal lodge were found . Funny the plane dropped in Pennsylvania was shut up and not talked about . Many mistakes were made that day as officials answered question and gave statements . Many contradicted each other . Bush and his natzi , vatican , NWO got away with 1.6 trillion dollars of tax payers money that day . Later the bank run stole another 6.1 trillion from tax payers .

Then Obama stole another 6.1 trillion from the pentagin to fund Isis and his muslim agenda of American take over . No wonder the pentagon was so happy to stand to protect Trump .

The last 5 presidents made Treasonist executive orders against Americans and stole trillions from them . Bushes and Clintons brought in gun runners and drug cartels , sex trafficing and child sex . Obama brought in Isis refugees which bragged they were here with proven media videos of gay movements with them carrying the Isis flags and statement Isis is here . And he also brought in over 150,000 Russian troops and recently he was bringing in UN troops . So can we say these last 5 presidents had our best interest at heart? Hell No !!! as bad as it is the American public needs to know this information with proof of videos , pictures and statements .

I hope Trump burns them all ! Some I voted for thinking they were the less of the 2 evils . But tge NWO made states it did not matter which one won , we own both if them . Examples ! Obama is kin to Chaney , Chaney is kin to Bush , Clinton is kin to Bush . I believe I remember that 34 of the 45 presidents were kin to each other . Now take this in , a shadow government was formed in our Washinton Capital to begin a take over starting way back in 1871 by the then Vatican , NWO , natzi , Esau movement . They are all one in the same . Recently Ishmael the Muslim UN joined them . If Trump had not taken office , every American would now be taking a brain wave technology chip mandated by Obama care ! This chip works off the international code of 666 , as well as the international banking . I watched a banker access into the international system . She told me in order to place it either 666 or 999 was used .

For those that had a problem with 666 they used 999 . The computer would invert it to 666 . tge chip they wanted to place in you has 66 Motorola satellites around tge world to track and execute orders using frequencies on tge individual with the chips . It can control your body in either sickness or health . It reads thoughts from the brain wave patterns sent out from your brain . It can send thoughts so you think they are yours . Images and holographic images can also be put into your minds .

The Bible says and they shall worship the IMAGE of the beast . Had Obama had his way , he would be setting now as head of the UN with army troops at his disposal . And you would chipped and reminded of his curtain horn speech in the White House . In other words he would be your beast if Revelations . And the satellites could bombard you with images of him , YUCK !!!

Thank GOD we were given more time ! Trump still has his hands full . For those who are GOD fearing pray for him and his family and his cabinet and their families protection . And that they be given the power and Wisdom , Knowledge and Understanding to destroy the evils we are facing !

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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