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Zimbabwe Mugabe’s toilet –

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Public meeting

Transparency International Zimbabwe is kindly inviting you to attend the upcoming Policy Dialogue.

When:  Thursday 9 February 2017
Where: At the New Ambassador Hotel
Time: From 17:30-19:30hrs

The proposed Policy Dialogue will provide a platform through which citizens, policy makers, political parties, local authorities and CSOs converge to mutually discuss and finding a lasting solution to the following challenges: Urban land governance; Land corruption and political patronage; Typhoid crisis and housing demolitions; The enclaves of urban planning and 2018 elections

Confirmation of attendance should be sent to Sharon on the following numbers 793246-7 / 797288/ 08677004072 or emailinfo@tizim.org (mailto:info@tizim.org)


If you’re not Outraged, you’re not paying Attention

Message received via WhatsApp: Yesterday a Kombi had a hit and run on my friend’s primary school daughter. Thank God she survived but in hospital. We managed to put feelers out and this morning got the Kombi driver arrested. To our surprise the driver is below the age of driving public transport and you wonder how he has been passing through all these roadblocks.

Kubatana comment: Now, here’s the thing – which you all know of course: we have ZRP ATMs fining motorists because they don’t have a serviced fire extinguisher or their reflector tape is a couple of mm’s short … yet we have astonishingly bad driving on the part of Kombi drivers, over speeding motorists and motorists who use their cell phone whilst driving (do you also pee while using your phone – tell us how that works for you). So while we have serious traffic offences taking place, and which could be curbed by the ZRP, instead they’re taking advantage of generally law abiding motorists to get their salaries paid. We are sure members of the ZRP are getting our information, and their relatives too, and our question to you is why are you abusing your fellow citizens who are already overburdened and stressed when the blame lies elsewhere? 

Source: Kubatana

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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