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Preparation for war: Foreigners in South Africa respond to planned 24 February 2017 xenophobic violence

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PLEASE FORWARD TO  ALL WATSAPP GROUPS: NIGERIANS, CONGOLESE & LIBERIANS living in South Africa. Response to ongoing Xenophobia Return on Foreign Nationals.::: We are very much aware of ongoing threats circulating in Social media that a group of local South Africans are planning another attack on foreign national.

So as a group of people from different countries we have also started mobilising ourselves and ready for these people. We can,t just watch them killing us like flies. So this is our plan. We Nigerians has contacted our brothers back home who are in Dangerous Boko Harum group to help us. Weapons are starting to creep in as from next month. We also approached Dangerous Mozambiquican group Matsanga to help us. they responded positively and they said we,re ready and still angry about their brothers who killed and burned like dogs in the last attacks. Congolese are also bussy bringing the massive destruction bombs. This time it's War and survival of the fittest.

we are waiting for Zimbabwean to engage us so we plan together and form a massive group that will destroy these criminals who are failing to live good life in their country full of opportunities. If they lazy to work how can companies employ them, they rob us everyday in our shops and streets they,re used to free handouts no sweat .so without Fear cum we,re more than Ready.we,ll circulate information on our way forward and strategies we,ll use in areas we know foreign nationals are staying..ALUTTA CONTINUA.

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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