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Harare man collapses and dies while being intimate with a member of the Mbare Chimurenga Choir

Zimbabwe News Saturday 4th March, 2017

The small house, Ruwina Machipisa (47) confirmed that Adam Mbwana Salamu, 59’s,died in her arms. 

“To me he was like a husband that he ended up asking me to include his name on my personal documents, andirwadzisa” said Machipisa in tears. 

“We were making love and he was holding me by my shoulders when he collapsed and died. I do not really understand what led to his death only that he was complaining of back aches. 

“I called his sister and we took him to Mbare 24 hour medical clinic where he was pronounced dead. Honestly speaking, Adam was good to me on everything at the same time h…

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