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Featured activism . . .Call to action

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Featured activism . . .Call to action I hope my letter reaches all Zimbabweans far and wide as I write with my heart in great pain as we, the people of Zimbabwe, as educated as we call ourselves on the African continent have allowed one man and his tag team to ruin our lives through fear! How can we call ourselves Christians when we ourselves are corrupt and drunk with power and greed? Do not tell me that you are innocent when we have to make plans on how to survive and put food on the table. Zimbabweans love titles, having a degree, Masters, PhD, professors but what can we show with Titles, can we eat Titles? None of us have put that foot forward and joined forces to show that we want transparency and accountability of our hard earned taxed monies and the powers that be are our servants. Whether you like it or not, we inherited a very thriving country and economy and there was a lot of foreign currency in the government account to go forward with a free Zimbabwe, we received lots of aid and assistance and would have been the Switzerland of Africa if we continued on the same path as the previous government, where there was the rule of law but what happened, the powers saw the $ signs in their eyes and they wanted to live like a King and blow the people. The one man has lied together with his henchman to the people of Zimbabwe whom he called rats and dogs on an island, yes that is what we are to them and we keep our blinkers on and continue complaining behind closed doors.It is now time that we woke from our slumber and all come together without any political party behind us but as citizens of Zimbabwe and call for the entire government to resign as we have lost all faith in them. We call for the AU and the countries in the SADC region to stand by the citizens of Zimbabwe and take action if at any time we have been beaten up / disappeared / kidnapped by the present government. As citizens we need to demonstrate to the present Government that we are very frustrated, hungry and angry and I feel the way forward to appeal to all Zimbabweans to quietly step out of their homes and sit on the side of the road which is a quiet protest saying enough is enough . . .  if we are beaten, arrested etc then the AU and SADC should stand by and arrest immediately the person or persons who gave the go ahead to the forces to beat us as our rights have been violated. If we all stand side by side without fear then we have all stood against evil as one and proud Zimbabweans. We use the great media for that date and time. I have no degrees and have worked my way to the top by learning from my superiors and what I have learnt and worked hard for my family makes me a proud person however I should be saying a proud Zimbabwean!? We can be proud once again. Peter, Glen View** This point of view was typed out, printed and posted to Kubatana illustrating Peter’s passion and commitment to having his voice heard. We are both impressed and humbled by his activism. ** Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone.

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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