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Most things we call demonic attacks are not.. but simply carelessness.

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Apostle Ogochukwu Amaukwu
Apostle Ogochukwu Amaukwu 5:07pm Dec 10
Most things we call demonic attacks are not at all but simply carelessness. When someone fails to read for an exam and fails some begin to say its evil or demon responsible. A slight headache as a result of stress on the body, some call it demon attacking health, refusing to eat balanced diet or eat well and then fall ill, some call it demonic attack. Little issues that require common sense and if not properly utilized could lead to failure. That's not demonic. There is a way you mess up your body and it breaks down, yet you still call it demonic attack.

Don't get me wrong, devils exist, demons exist but its only when you give them recognition that they gain entrance into your subconscious. As a believer, there are under your feet and when they show up, all you need is to exercise your right in Christ by casting them out. The devil is not an issue, stop magnifying the devil more than God. The devil is too small. How can a blood washed, Holy Spirit filled fire brand christian still talk more about the strength of the devil than the ability of God. When you keep clouding your mind that way it can make you to start seeing everything around you in the negative, including your dream and your relationship with others around you.

Even in the prophetic it could make one always term things in the negative and present the demonic or see only negative things and evil about people like "someone after the life of someone…" Which is the norm now in prophetic ministry. The devil will do everything to make you pile up your prayer points or request on devil, demon and will not allow you concentrate on "the word" or worship.

God is not a magician but a God of principles. You have a duty to play for your miracles to come true. God also has a part to play.

A woman of God recently spoke with me complaining of attacks I was concerned and started praying with her over the phone I heard God speak clearly to me,son not attack tell her to change her diet. I haven't heard God speak that way to me so I paused and asked the prophetess please what have you been eating she told me just garri (EBA). So I asked for how long and she said for a week now so I counselled her please stop it and made few suggestions to her and that solved the problem; because the next time she called she confirmed she was okay.

Many times people ask why did they still fail exams after receiving miracle biros prayed upon. I told them not devil but they refuse to play their part by studying ahead that was why they failed.

There are demonic powers yes I know but God's ability in the believer is much more greater than that of the devil. Focus more on the ability of God then you will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil understanding your redemption privileges. Shalom!

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Koni Iesch
Koni Iesch 1:27pm Feb 27
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Jireenyaaf Jiraanna
Jireenyaaf Jiraanna 10:43am Mar 1
God bless you .
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LF Rotoli Sr.
LF Rotoli Sr. 2:29pm Oct 30

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Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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