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l write this letter to introduce myself to you and to make an appeal for assistance.

l am a Zimbabwean man aged 38. With human rights activism background reporting on atrocities and suffering in Zimbabwe. Writing ARTICLES to outlets and campaigning for human rights in Zimbabwe. Speaking to Radio stations in South Africa an other news outlets.

I am against persecution of white and other races in Zimbabwe,  a practice by our government. I believe in free enterprise, leaders who uphold the rule of law, Democracy and respect for human rights for all. 

l am kindly asking for financial assistance to improve my life as I am still struggling to come out of poverty and difficult life since I was exiled. I am looking for an amount of $1000 but l would appreciate if l can get any donations from you. I want to use this money to buy basic needs: food, clothes and running a small income generating project of recycling and selling used electronic gadgets composed of smartphones and laptops.

Please may you help me to get to my feet.  If you need any other information please contact me. l am now looking forward to be considered worthy of your care and kindness. Mobile/WhatsApp number +27 73 288 3487 or Email/PayPal : profess@protonmail.com

Yours Faithfully,


Details/Documentation of my Previous Persecutions

I&;m a Zimbabwean human rights campaigner and reporter. I&39;m exposing State atrocities in Zimbabwe and the plight of Zimbabwean refuges in South Africa since 2004. l do this through writing articles.

I was a political activist in my country, Zimbabwe since the year 2000. I fled Zimbabwe in January 2004 that is after l have been attacked by State sponsored militias and War Veterans and threatened

by members of Zimbabwe Republic Police. I got refugee status in South Africa in December 2004. Since arrival in South Africa l have been

writing to newspaper, e-mailing list, websites, Christian magazines about the atrocities in Zimbabwe. Many of my articles have been published by the Zimbabwean newspaper.

I have experienced a situation that need emergence assistance. Some

three months back l received threats concerning my publications from

people l suspected to be Zimbabwe state agency.  On 4 August 2008 and

before l was attacked in Johannesburg.

The attacked on 4 August was by a Zimbabwean man in company of other 2

man. One of the attacker Themba Nkosi was arrested by the police and

he was sentenced to 18 Months in Prison by the Hilbrow Magistrate
(Johannesburg) Court.

In September 2008 my room in Turfontein, Johannesburg was broken down and my laptop was stolen. On this incident other valuable items were

left behind. I believe the purpose was to get private information in

the laptop. If it was common robbery other valuable items in my room could have been stolen. I reported the case to the police. No arrest has been made so far.

I changed the accommodation and moved to Townships. There l was in the room in company of other two man. We were attacked on 18 October 2008,

at 1 am by a group of more than 7 criminals. They hit the doors and demanded money and

phones. They claimed to have been hired to kill us. They also demanded that we open the door but did not. I called the police who arrived in

time to rescue us. The case has been reported and l suspect has been arrested and some property has been recovered.

Just like the two who were in company with me. I lost many valuable

items that include stoves, clothes and blankets. That has left me bankruptcy and insecure. Right now l have no safe place to stay as l cannot afford it. I&39;m virtually homeless. I want to request for

support from you as I need to get a better, safe .

I would appreciate support from your organization. I look

forward to hear from you soon. Should you need any further information

please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Yours Faithfully,


Mobile/WhatsApp number +27 73 288 3487 or Email/PayPal : profess@protonmail.com

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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