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There is something wrong with the USA

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Geschaltet: Dienstag, 21 März 2017, 1:


Dear to whom it may Concern;

It as if I awakened thirteen years to find that everyone in Washington State was a satanist gang member. 

I would like to state that that many of the gang members have a racist agenda against Europe, Britain and Ireland. They have threatened those countries as well as other mostly NATO countries.

There is a prevalent black Nazi influence as well as a movement by " chocolate" which will attempt to to destroy Europe Britain and Ireland. There are plans for death camps which will include torture,slavery, cannibalism and rape of Whites,Semites and warm complected Europeans such as Italians. Of course unscrupulous whites and others have joined the decimations and pkans in order to obtain the property and money.

The plan is also to rewrite history and to write Whites,Semites,and warm complected Europeans out of the records.

One of the plans is to convert everyone to a zombie Satanist.

I have been victimized by gang members for fourteen years. The gangs that I have seen the most are Bloods, Zetas,and Asian gang members and M1.

Please be careful of any American contacts including online including what seems to be oddly repeated words or phrases and what seems like codes or incongruent phrases and be wary of any odd behaviors. Be wary of any offer that seems to good to be true. Be wary of any schemes to lure you over to the United States.

I believe there are missing people from Europe, Britain, Ireland and other NATO countries.

The gangs specialise in identity theft in order to commit and cover up robbery and murder. 

The gang members steal property and money including bank accounts and or monthly check such as Social Security.Even houses and automobiles are stolen.Of course the victims&39; credit to obtain condos, houses and apartments ,vehicles and other property is used.

There is a cannabilism trade here as well as well as an illegal organs trade. I have heard boasts of skins and other items being taken by the gang members including from live victims. The Satanist gang members have obsessions with body parts, blood and other bodily fluids even from putrid bodies. There is also on obsession with rape by the very foulest DNA specimens.

Because of the cannabilism there seems to be very little in the way of safe food. Food has been contaminated in many ways; and that includes human flesh and illegal animal meat being sold and prepared as meat as well as the zombies placing blood in the products or dipping products in blood or polluting the food or beverage by having blood or flesh on the machinery or nearby to splash on or into 
the food or beverage
or other commodity.

The restaurants reek of cannibalism and so do delis in popular stores. Often it is a satanist employee cooking themselves a cannibal meal and attempting to spread cannibalism. The cannibal flesh and other illegal meat is also consumed often knowingly at shelters and distributed at food banks. 

There is a reoccurent theme that the satanist zombies especially "chocolate" and the whites or others or others that joined in the decimations are in charge and have the right to punish people and animals. They believe that everyone owes them. They also believe that meat will be tastier if it is from a victim.

The cannibals are also obsessed with protein and repeatedly use words like protein, sustenance, and nourishment. 

One of the most popular gang crimes here is to to throw glass powder on people. It produces devasting scars. I once was a beautiful woman. 

If I look around in WashingtonI see that that the inferior DNA sought to eliminate the decent DNA. Even in whites I see the same look over and over and I see many anomalies that one does not normally see with such frequency in a population. 

There is more information.


Lisa D. Guthrie

• Ort Berlin, Seattle


Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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