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Apartheid: I was having friends over, as a result they thought i was gay!

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Father Rudi

I have to disagree young man,
I was around at the time of the real Aparheid,and i was a integral part of it.

At the time i was disgusted at the slow changes from Apartheid to a normal society.
I had some wonderful Black friends and it was forbidden to have them over at my house.
As a result i had them over at night,and i could not tell my other friends i was having friends over,as a result they thought i was gay !

Great to have "friends" that are dumb and beat me up because i refused to tell them who my friends were.

My black friends were wonderful people and we had some wonderful intelligent conversations
Unfortunately the other black "friends" found out about my black friends,and had them "necklaced" as they were traitors to the Blacks.

I found out about the necklace execution the night before,at the time i told my superior about the immanent execution,he prohibited me from entering the location.

As a result i disobeyed my orders and went alone to the location and waited at a distance of 300 meters.

At around 9pm the ANC Kids walk in the area with my friends tied together with barbed wire.

The tires were then rolled in and placed over their heads,four of my friends were dowsed in petrol,at this time i could no longer take it any more,i opened fire killing 3 of the executioners,the rest scattered and left the area.

I ran over to the site releasing my friends,as you can imagine they were now marked men as was i .
I left my wonderful country The whites did not want me the blacks did not want me either.
The main reason that Apartheid collapsed is the fall of the Soviet system and the lack of support for the Apartheid government as a result.

The Apartheid system has thankfully gone,o nly to be replaced by another Apartheid set up by the blacks this time……we have gone full circle and you have learned nothing from our tragic past.

As a side note my friends were still killed at a later date….
I freed another "Prisoner" aged 9…..he was also due for a execution for a reason only the ANC will know….he had been tortured to a such an extent that i lost all faith in the ANC.

1:21 p.m., Sunday May 14 | Other comments by Father Rudi

Please Donate to a Human Rights Activist: www.gofundme.com/cmstudies    or email him: eMAIL ♣***
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